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Brendan Boche - Lakeville South High School

Brendan Boche - Lakeville South High School - Earlier this week, I did a couple private kicking lessons with Brendan Boche of Lakeville South High School. Brendan will be a junior kicker/punter for his team this fall. I was very excited to see the slight adjustments Brendan made over the course of the 2 days.

We started our workouts with field goals. Brendan has the tools to hit some very solid field goals. I could tell that Brendan has had some guidance on his kicking prior to meeting with me. He does a good job with his alignment on each and every field goal attempt. This is very important because we want to control what we can control, and that’s our alignment. The one thing I continually had him focus on was his swing and being good with his “eyes”. When Brendan keeps his eyes back on the sweet spot of the ball, he makes great contact. When he fights to keep swinging up, his ball goes right between the middle of the uprights.

After field goals, we moved to kickoffs. Again, I like Brendan’s kickoff tempo and approach. As he continues to keep challenging himself by swinging up and through the ball, the ball will keep flying higher and further.

We wrapped up our workouts with some punting. Brendan has the perfect body frame to be a successful punter. He is a tall athlete with long levers! I encouraged Brendan to keep working on his drop so that he gives himself a chance on every single punt. If he can do that allow his big leg to do the work, he can develop into a very solid punter. Overall, I was very impressed with Brendan. If he continues to work hard, he will be a real asset to his team this season! Good Luck!

Zach Bisek - Winona St. University

Zach Bisek - Winona St. University - Today I did a one on one lesson with Winona St. University punter Zach Bisek. Zach attended my very first kicking camp at the University of Wisconsin a few years back. He wanted to get some individual training in today before the start of the season. He is physically a completely different person than the last time I saw him. He has the prototypical punters body and a booming leg to go with it!
We started our session by going through Zach’s warm up progression. Zach showed the ability to hit some booming punts! The one thing that got him in trouble at times was his swing. I had Zach really focus on hang time by getting up and through the punt. As he continued to get the hang of it, the ball began jumping off his foot higher and further. He hit multiple 4.9 Second hangs yesterday…just shy of 5 seconds!
Like most punters, it’s just a matter of continually improving his consistency. We do that with hard work and by being as efficient as possible with our punts.
If Zach can learn to use that power of his to his advantage, he will have a huge season this fall for Winona! Good luck.

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