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Josh Lambo, Professional MLS soccer player, FC Dallas

Josh Lambo,  Professional MLS soccer player, FC Dallas - The last couple of days, I have been doing private kicking lessons with Josh Lambo of Dallas, TX. Josh is a 21-year old Professional soccer player. Josh was drafted in the first round of the 2008 MLS Draft to FC Dallas. After spending the last few years on various squads, he contacted me in regards to his interest in pursuing football kicking. He would love an opportunity to walk on to a Division I football program that will give him an opportunity to not only play football, but get a great education. He had just recently begun doing some training on his own and wanted me to take a look at him for an evaluation.

I anticipated Josh having a strong leg and being able to figure out how to eventually kick some pretty good field goals because of his professional soccer background. But I did not except him to be doing some of the things he did. Josh has a huge leg!
Over the course of the last couple days, he routinely hit field goals with not only tremendous height, but also plenty of distance. It is one thing to be blessed with the leg strength that he has, but it is another thing to be consistent and continually make kicks. I was blown away by how quick of a learner he was. In reality, he has only trained for kicking a football about a dozen times…he has huge upside! He is already hitting balls that can earn him a starting spot at a big-time college football program right now!

The biggest challenge Josh and I had was finding a kickoff approach that worked for him. I wanted to play to his strengths so he felt comfortable. He’s grown up taking goal kicks in soccer, so I wanted to use a similar approach to what he uses with those kicks. We found something that worked well for him for now. I want him to eventually challenge himself more as he gets more comfortable taking them. Right now, he’s simply using pure leg strength in his kickoffs as opposed to using his whole body and approach to help him. He still routinely pounded 70-75 yard kickoffs with 3.8-4.1 seconds of hang time. Maybe even more important than his leg strength, Josh brings a level of majority and demeanor that it takes to be a successful kicker at a high level. He has spent the last 4 years as a professional athlete and has learned the importance of having a routine, taking care of your body, and coming to work every single day to work on your craft. He is a very gifted young man that will get an opportunity to play somewhere next fall. Keep an eye out for his name!

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